Mole Conditions Affecting Men


Lumps and moles are often problems that people don’t realise how simple it is to deal with. Using such treatments as Cosmetic Radio Surgery, Snowberry Lane Clinic has perfected a technique to deal with facial lumps and moles in a quick and safe way leaving great results.

Our experts will sit down with you for a consultation prior to any treatment and assess your situation. They will explain the procedures and what you can expect from them as well as discuss the aftercare that will be required and recovery time.


The treatments are safe and effective with minimal risk. Raised lesions are dealt with by radio surgery under local anaesthetic usually; this results in quicker healing and recovery.

Flat pigmented lesions, age spots or sun spots can often be safely seen to laser treatments, so you can look forward to quick and very effective results.

Cysts can be removed and to close the incision either the skin is glued or a few stitches may be needed depending on the size and area. We also provide treatment options for males with brown spots.

Removal of lumps and moles has advanced a long way and all our treatments and procedures are carried out by our highly trained surgeons at Snowberry Lane Clinic.

See the results for yourself!

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