Skin Tag Treatments UK


Skin tags, though not dangerous, can be irritating. Here at Snowberry Lane Clinic we have a straightforward procedure that can eradicate them with minimal risk of scarring.

Many people have skin tags and are unaware at just how simple it is to now take care of them with these modern technologies that have developed to be the safest most efficient way of doing it.


Cosmetic Radio Surgery

Utilising modern cosmetic radio surgery or laser treatments, the removal is quick and easy and has minimal pain. The downtime is virtually non-existent and you can expect a prompt return to your normal activities.

By using state of the art methods to conduct such treatments and procedures Snowberry Lane Clinic ensure that we are offering the best available service to clients at all times. These technologies allow us to perform such procedures with minimal risk in as quick a time as is possible and with the least chance of scarring, especially for patients who may want to carry out facial skin tag removal.

You can sit down with our specialists for a consultation before any treatment to discuss the best possible methods for you as well as ask any questions that you may have about the procedure or technologies used.

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