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A common problem area for skin tags, and one which many people who have them worry won’t be easy to treat, is on the face.

Having a facial skin tag isn’t harmful, but due to the nature of the skin tag, it can have a negative effect on appearance and confidence.

If you, or someone you know, has a facial skin tag and is looking for a permanent removal solution that will have minimal disruption and not leave signs of treatment having taken place, Snowberry Lane can help.

What exactly is a Facial Skin Tag?

When you have a skin tag anywhere on your body, it is simply a growth due to weakened collagen. When this happens on the face, a person will have a lump that has a consistent tone with the surrounding skin and is soft to touch.

When a facial skin tag is a few centimetres in length, it will tend to sag rather than sit firmly. This is why they can sometimes look similar to a wart.

How common are facial skin tags?

While skin tags are very common, having them on a prominent area like the face isn’t as common. They are treated the same as tags on the hands, feet or neck.

What causes facial skin tags?

A very small section of skin becoming loose is what causes skin tags. This is due to poor collagen bonds under the skin coupled with blood vessels continuing to work when they don’t need to.

This is why facial skin tags will usually occur on parts of the face that are prone to getting wrinkles like the forehead and around the eyes.

Can any condition cause facial skin tags?

No condition in itself causes facial skin tags. It is simply a cause of the body not doing something correctly.

Some commonalities can be attributed to skin tags. Age plays a big part, as does obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Why carry out a facial skin tag removal treatment?

Through the treatment options available at Snowberry Lane, you can have a facial skin tag with minimal discomfort and, most importantly, no downtime or recovery period. Once the treatment is complete, you can get on with the rest of your day.

Facial Skin Tag Treatment Options

Snowberry Lane is one of the top clinics in the UK for facial skin tag removal.

The most common treatment options we provide include:

What works best will be based solely on the individual’s circumstance, the status of the tag and its location on the face.

We can help you figure out what works best from a consultation

Expert Facial Skin Tag Advice at Snowberry Lane

When you visit the clinic, we won’t complicate things or leave you with more questions than when you arrived. Through examination, we can clearly map out how we treat a facial skin tag and run you through all the steps for successful removal.

When you visit, please feel free to ask any questions at all you have at all about treatment options and any underlying concerns you may have.

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