Facial Sun Damage Treatment


The majority of us like nothing more than to get out in the sun and appreciate when we get a bit of good weather, even those that try and keep out of it can’t avoid it during the summer. The results of that can be sun damage and in particular facial sun damage.

Sun damage can change the overall appearance of the of the skin accelerating ageing, increased wrinkles, thinner skin, uneven skin tone and causing dark sun spots and broken vessels/thread veins. It can also cause excessive dryness which can result in an uncomfortable felling.

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There are a number of treatments for facial sun damage available at Snowberry Lane Clinic including laser treatment, Obagi, Fractora and skin peel treatments that can all have great results depending on the damage of each case.

o find the best methods to use we initiate a consultation where our specialists can discuss what will work best and go through the details of the procedures. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you might have about our treatments during this consultation. In many cases, consultations help us to assess the severity of the damage and whether we're looking at age spots which have been affected, or brown spots which may have reacted badly to the sun.

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Sun Damage Treatments