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Dealing with unsightly veins is a common problem that many people contact us about. At Snowberry Lane Clinic we have the treatments and procedures that can easily deal with thread veins and varicose vein removal.

Thread veins are broken blood vessels or capillaries which can appear as red, blue or purple threads beneath the skin’s surface. Using cosmetic laser surgery to target the thread veins without affecting the overlying skin the vessels disappear and are absorbed naturally by the body. Face veins and thread veins on the legs respond extremely well to this treatment and help to create an even, calmer skin tone.

Another way of dealing with troublesome veins such as leg veins is through the use of Sclerotherapy treatment. This treatment works by injecting a solution into swollen veins to collapse and dissolve them. It is a simple non-invasive treatment that can help solve the issue of larger annoying veins.

It is advisable that if you are suffering from any of these problems to book a no obligation consultation with us in order to discuss what treatment options would be able to help your particular case best. You will be seen by one of our specialist experts who will be able to answer any questions that you may have as well as fill you in on any after care that may be required following a treatment.

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