Express Face Lift Treatments

express face lift


An express face lift sounds like a promise too good to be true. If you visit Snowberry Lane, you’ll soon find that you can avail yourself of a revolutionary treatment that can be completed in just under an hour. And you needn’t worry about having to take any downtime to recover.

We have Forma. It’s the perfect procedure for someone who wants to improve imperfections without having to go through painful or drawn out treatments. It works through its own radio frequency system. By applying intense radio energy to a cooled area of skin, Forma can awaken cells that have felt tired and deflated.

All it takes is the power of one wand and as if by magic you’ll see yourself with rejuvenated skin. The impressive feature of Forma is that you won’t feel any pain during application. Instead what you get are moments where the heat applied to the skin will simply make you feel flushed in the face for a brief moment.

What you’re left with are almost instant improvements that can last for over a year. The real benefit though is the instant recovery. You won’t have to spend days at home waiting for your face to calm down. As soon as you’re finished, you’re able to leave the clinic and within an hour the redness on your face will have faded completely.