Face Lift Treatments

face lifts

Here at Snowberry Lane we offer a wide range of facelifts. Loose skin around the cheeks and sunken eyes can age the look of your skin drastically. We have a range of treatments that use the latest technology to provide drastic improvements without damaging your skin. Whether you’re looking to get a specific problem area worked on, or want to know about the different types of treatment we provide, take a look at some of the different pages below.

Non-Surgical Facelift
We provide treatments that don’t require you to face surgery. Take a look at some of the ground-breaking treatments we use at the clinic to give you a facelift.

Non-Invasive Facelift
Some of our procedures can be carried out without any blades ever touching skin. We use the latest technology to improve your skin without the risk of any damage.

Mini Facelift
If you want to focus in on one or two key problem areas, we have the right treatment that can help improve the skin’s appearance.

Male Facelift
We offer facelifts for men that can help bring dramatic improvements to skin that suffers from looking prematurely aged or sunken in appearance.

Express Facelift
Want to get a facelift without having to face lengthy downtime or recovery? We have treatments that will have you in and out within an hour and won’t alter your daily routine.

Facelift Cost
We carry out facelifts on an individual basis, so our prices will always vary from patient to patient. See what we can do for you on our facelift cost page.