Neck Lift Procedure



To say there’s one way to achieve better looking skin in your neck that would be a lie. There a number of options available to any client at Snowberry Lane. This page will give you a brief description of just some of the different treatments for the neck area we provide.



This is our most advanced treatment, capable of delivering remarkable results. It’s a completely non-surgical neck lift that uses a pad covered in very tiny pins (tens of times smaller than a pencil tip), which gently impress down on sunken skin. Fractora firm causes the collagen under your skin to raise up and level out, which in turn make the skin feel much more firm. Treatments result in better looking skin after just two weeks.


NeckTite is the best way to achieve long lasting results. With just a few precise incisions made in the corner of the neck, the tool works to heat up precise areas in need of help and will create stronger bonds that will produce amazing changes in firmness. It also eliminates any fatty areas that have been causing skin to have that sunken look.


As you can see there are a number of options for any client. Whether you’re looking to make minor changes to problems that have been nagging you forever, or want to give tired skin a new lease of life, we have the treatment you need. To find out more about how neck lift treatments work at Snowberry Lane, feel free to phone the clinic on 01225 700 072