Mini Face Lift Treatments

mini face lift

Is there a certain area of the face that you want to see improvements in? Do you hate looking at sunken in eyes or frown lines that are evident even when you’re straight faced? There are a number of different ways we can help improve these problems here at Snowberry Lane. You don’t need to get a full face lift. We can hone in on your problem areas if you like and deliver customised results that are long lasting.

Forma is a very popular treatment many patients use when they’re looking for a mini face lift. By heating up problem areas around the face just a few degrees higher than regular body temperature, Forma can help raise up depressed skin and substantially improve laugh lines. Patients prefer it, as it doesn’t result in any problems post treatment.

Photo Rejuvenation is a great way to sort out all kinds of facial problems. Using an intense light pulse, it can stop any skin damage and help control everything from enlarged pores to uneven pigmentation.

And if you just want to give your skin a quick freshen up after a treatment, you might be interested in Microdermabrasion. Small medical crystals are rubbed gently over the face using a pad. This exfoliates the skin in a way you’ve never felt before and leaves it feeling naturally fresh. It’s the quickest way to make skin feel awake and refreshed.

Do you have visible facial veins or suffer from rosacea? We can help get rid of the intense redness with laser treatment. By targeting precise points, we can cause veins to collapse and give your skin the neutral colour it’s been missing out on for so long and drastically improve appearance.

To see the changes a mini face lift can give, take a look at our gallery.