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How does it work?

The BodyTite procedure uses Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo Tightening (RFAL) technology to gently melt and remove excess fat. A tiny incision is made in an inconspicuous part of the body from which the pre-melted fat is removed. Patients experience less discomfort and less swelling than other lipo suction methods, allowing them quicker recovery times.

Dermal fillers

What are they?

Dermal fillers are a range of different substances that are injected into lines and wrinkles to 'fill' these deficits in the skin and create a more pleasing appearance.


Does it hurt?

There is minimal if any discomfort and there is no need for local anaesthetic, or creams.

Hair Reduction

How does it work?

The heat and energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair sitting in the hair follicle. The more pigment the hair has i.e. the darker in colour, the more effective the treatment is.

Laser Acne treatment

How does it work?
The laser is used to treat the whole area affected by acne. The laser helps to reduce sebum production in the skin and also helps to destroy the bacteria that causes spots and acne.

Laser tattoo removal

How does it work?

The laser hand piece targets the different colours in the tattoo. The pigment in the colours absorbs the heat and energy from the laser and the colour is broken down and destroyed by the body.

Laser photo Rejuvenation

What is it and what is it used for?

Laser photo rejuvenation is a combination of laser treatments used to treat the signs of ageing. It utilises both lasers to improve the appearance of the skin and stimulate the body's production of collagen and elastin, both of which decline with age. It addresses any uneveness in skin tone caused by sun damage and broken vessels and can help to reduce pore size and fine lines.

Leg Veins/Thread Veins

How does the treatment work?
The laser is used to target each individual vessel to be treated. The heat and energy from the laser is absorbed, by the haemoglobin in the blood, within the vessels. This causes the walls of the vessel to become sticky and adhere onto themselves. Over a period of approximately five days the body breaks the vessels down they are destroyed.

Medical Microdermabrasion

Is the procedure safe?
The technique of Medical Microdermabrasion is perfectly safe and painless. The treatment has been used to treat millions of patients over the last ten years bringing fantastic results and it is a really rapid procedure.

No Scalpel Vasectomy

How does the No Scalpel Vasectomy differ from Conventional Vasectomy?
In No Scalpel Vasectomy, the surgeon makes one tiny puncture with an instrument which is then used to gently stretch the opening it has made so that the vas deferens can be reached and blocked using the same method as conventional vasectomy. The new procedure can be carried out without the need for actual incision. There are no sutures so the wound heals far more quickly leaving no scar. Dr Gabriel has many years experience employing this technique and offers no-obligation consultations to discuss all aspects of the procedure. Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered in this leaflet.

Pigmented Areas/Birthmarks

How does the treatment work?

A laser beam is targeted at the area of pigment I.e. 'sun spot', 'age spot', or birth mark. The pigment absorbs the laser heat and energy and this destroys the pigment. It is then either broken down by the body or, over a short period of time, 'flakes off' the surface of the skin.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

What is PDT?

PDT is a treatment used to treat non melanoma skin cancers and pre cancerous skin lesions. These include conditions such as; actinic keratosis, Bowen's disease and basal cell carcinomas.

Spider veins/facial vessels

How does it work?
Each vessel is targeted individually with a laser beam. The haemoglobin, which is found in the blood within the vessels, attracts the heat and energy from the laser beam. This causes the walls of the vessels to become sticky and adhere together. Over a period of approximately 48 hrs the body breaks these vessels down and destroys them.

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