At Snowberry Lane Clinic we value your feedback. Below are customer interactions and feedback. Please email any feedback you have to and let us know how we can make the clinic ever better.


Offer tea & coffee


We do offer and have a water machine so am not sure why they weren’t offered.


Brochures of treatments

There are many Brochures around the clinic for people to pick up we don’t do one single one that covers all treatments.

Explain charges more clearly before treatment

This we will discuss with the clinicians at the next meeting.

Lip fillers hurt so should have been given an option for a local

All fillers come with Lidocaine now a day’s so this client must have been particularly sensitive. 

Cup of tea and to use paper cups

As above and we do now have paper cups.

Coat hook on toilet doors

This is a good idea.

We will action this
More information on the healing process and what to do if there is a complication

We review all our paperwork each year and will look into it, but there is our number and email address on all after care sheets if clients need to contact us with a complication.

Perhaps you could offer hand sanitisers for post-operative care (as its recommended in your literature)?

Usually most people carry a hand sanitiser around so we don’t feel its necessary to offer another as it’s a recommendation not a rule.

If we have more requests for some we will review it in the New Year.