At Snowberry Lane Clinic we value your feedback. Below are customer interactions and feedback. Please email any feedback you have to and let us know how we can make the clinic ever better.




Offer tea and coffee

We do offer and have a water machine so am not sure why they weren’t offered.

Brochures of treatments

There are many Brochures around the clinic for people to pick up we don’t do one single one that covers all treatments.

Everything was fantastic.
Thank you.
Explain charges more clearly before treatment

This we will discuss with the clinicians at the next meeting.

Lip fillers hurt so should have been given an option for a local

All fillers come with Lidocaine now a day’s so this client must have been particularly sensitive. 

Really lovely people.
Thank you.

Cup of tea and to use paper cups

As above and we do now have paper cups.

A mirror put on the hedge opposite so people can see oncoming traffic.

We will look into this and discuss it at our next staff meeting.
Perfect 100/100%.
Thank you.

Coat hook on toilet doors

This is a good idea.

We will action this
Staff were very friendly and made me feel comfortable and at ease before and after the procedure.
Thank you.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
All most excellent, very grateful for the kind caring effective treatment.
Thank you.
More information on the healing process and what to do if there is a complication

We review all our paperwork each year and will look into it, but there is our number and email address on all after care sheets if clients need to contact us with a complication.

Excellent cannot fault anything, thank you
Thank you.
If we have more requests for some we will review it in the New Year.
Thank you.
Perhaps you could offer hand sanitisers for post-operative care (as its recommended in your literature)?
Usually most people carry a hand sanitiser around so we don’t feel its necessary to offer another as it’s a recommendation not a rule.
If we have more requests for some we will review it in the New Year.
All excellent.
Thank you.


That's lovely to hear
I did wait a while for my treatment, but this was more my availability as I was in no hurry so it didn’t bother me
We are a busy clinic and we try to make ourselves available
Very good service very pleased with my treatment

Many thanks for the feedback

Excellent service
Appointment was delayed by 30 minutes due to previous patient not recovering as well from their treatment as expected. The receptionist apologised and offered tea and coffee several times whilst I was waiting. It didn’t cause me any problems and everyone was apologetic. I was happy with the whole experience
Sometimes unforeseen things happen that delay clients, we are always sorry about this but as you can understand there are times when the situation is out of our control. But it is good to hear that you were not unhappy even though it had inconvenienced you
Very Good service very pleased with Debbie Todd.
Thank you.
Excellent service.
Thank you.
I did wait a little for my treatment, but that was more to do with my availability. And I was in no hurry so it didn’t bother me.
All perfect.
That is good to know.
Very pleased.
Thank you.
Very good.
Thank you.
Very pleased.

Excellent information before and after treatment. Time spent discussing treatment options and those best suited to you.

Staff all helpful on arrival. Comfortable waiting area.
Thank you for your kind feedback.

Both the ladies were lovely and made me feel at ease.

Thank you it is always nice to receive a positive feedback.

Quick and efficient.

Thank you for your kind feedback.

Separate the reception from the desk from the waiting area as everyone overhears the conversations.

Sadly we don’t have the space to do this at the moment, but we do have a separate room that you can ask to be taken into if you would like to have a private conversation.

As the laser treatment didn’t work on my verruca’s I came back for radio surgery.

In a few situations we find that Radio Surgery has to be used to get deep verruca’s out. But usually a course of laser treatments sorts them out.

Dr Wilcox is lovely and very welcoming.

That’s nice to hear.

Excellent staff, would recommend.

Thank you.

Would like to book online.

I am afraid as we have a holding fee this is not possible.

Fabulously friendly.

Thank you.

The staff went out of their way to ensure my comfort, before, during and after my procedure.

I am afraid as we have a holding fee this is not possible.

There is nothing you can do to improve on.

Thank you.

Kind and supportive.

I am afraid as we have a holding fee this is not possible.

I’d like to thank Debbie and her lovely assistant for such a pleasant and fun experience.

We will pass this on to them, thank you.

Amazing, would differently recommend.

I am afraid as we have a holding fee this is not possible.

It might be good to administrate Bach Flower ‘Rescue Remedy’ post op to help with body shock.

I am afraid we don’t offer this as some clients maybe taking prescription drugs that wouldn’t be recommended to take with rescue remedy.

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