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At Snowberry Lane Clinic we offer Alevere Therapy® which is a non-surgical weight loss solution that focuses on the individual and a personal approach to patient care. Unlike other weight loss programmes, our highly skilled team of doctors and medical professionals work with our patients to create personal care plans that are tailored to their lifestyles and individual circumstances. We provide Alevere Therapy® which delivers incredibly effective weight loss along with skin tightening and firming. Alevere Therapy® ensures healthy, effective weight loss and provides patients with the knowledge and skills to effect a long-term lifestyle change.

Best for treating

Fat loss

Treatment time

Depends on target weight

Sensitivity period


Duration of results

Permanent as long as healthy lifestyle is maintained

Number of treatments

Depends on target weight



Back to work

Can continue working alongside treatment

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What is Alevere Therapy?

Alevere Therapy is a weight loss treatment plan that is medically supervised. It uses a combination of a detailed Alevere diet plan based on the individual, a number of non-surgical treatments on the body and stabilisation of insulin production in the body to provide a boosted weight loss process that also ensures the body can naturally adapt and allow for one’s skin not to be affected by a change.

This two-tier approach to weight loss therapy helps the body to transform positively without the associated risks of diets and areas of the body not responding well to weight loss. It is also a treatment option for individuals who don’t want to go down the route of interventional surgery to lose weight.

What does Alevere entail?
What makes Alevere different from other weight loss treatment plans?
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Is the Alevere diet plan restrictive?
How fast is weight loss for a patient?
Do I need treatments as well as the diet plan?
Are there any side effects?
What makes someone eligible for Alevere Therapy?
How can I find out more about Alevere Therapy?

The principles of Alevere Therapy have been developed by our team with detailed attention to optimising the body’s chemistry for a rapid, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat while preserving the body’s muscle tissue and preventing suppression of the body’s metabolic rate during the Alevere weight loss program.

Alevere treatment has been carefully designed to keep insulin production fully suppressed to baseline levels (since any rise in insulin production immediately inhibits the breakdown of body fat) and to stabilise the blood glucose at constant and normal levels at all times throughout the weight loss. As a result, on the Alevere Therapy®, you will not feel hungry, weak or lethargic and you will not have food cravings. You will have sufficient energy and will be able to exercise and function as normal. There will be no dizziness, light-headedness or other unpleasant effects from the weight loss. Your weight loss will be rapid enough to keep you motivated; we aim for a rate of weight loss of between 6 and 12kg (13 to 26 lbs) per month for most patients. The weight loss on the treatment programme is remarkably predictable, and your expected rate of weight loss is therefore calculated for you by the doctor at your very first consultation before you start the treatment.


If you’ve been looking for an effective and permanent way to lose weight, then Alevere Therapy® is what you’ve been looking for, fast weight loss without having excess skin problems afterwards.

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