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At Snowberry Lane Clinic we offer Alevere Therapy which is a specialised medical treatment for the effective and comprehensive treatment of overweight patients without the need for surgical intervention. This treatment should allow you to achieve substantial weight loss and body contouring within a relatively short period of time.

It has been developed with years of experience by our medical team. It is a fully medically supervised treatment program therefore you will be under the direct care of and will be seen at regular intervals by our own dedicated doctors.


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Blood and Nutritional tests prior to Alevere Therapy

Following your consultation with one of our doctors, important bloods tests are taken to assess various aspects of your health and to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this treatment. Satisfactory results from the blood tests must be obtained prior to the commencement of the therapy.

There is a Nutritional side to the treatment where your resting metabolic rate is accurately measured with a breathing test using a sophisticated clinical device and you will be given medically prescribed and custom formulated nutritional supplementation. 

Controlled nutrition during Alevere Therapy

Your nutrition is completely changed under the supervision of our doctors. Carbohydrates and fats are reduced to sustained very low levels in your nutrition. This completely changes the hormonal control of your metabolism, resulting in continuously low insulin levels and sustained and uninterrupted high levels of glucagon and other hormones which stimulate lipolysis - fat breakdown and release from the fat cells. The released components of the fat are then used as the main fuel source within the body.

Normal blood glucose levels necessary for certain essential bodily processes are maintained and kept stable by the synthesis of glucose directly from the specifically formulated proteins in the nutritional supplements and from fragments of the released fat called glycerol. This takes place within the liver by a special process called gluconeogenesis and does not significantly increase insulin production or interfere with the fat breakdown process.

This specialised nutrition also protects your muscle tissue from breakdown during this treatment. You must take the full prescribed nutritional supplement doses (sachets) each day, at the correct times, in order to prevent muscle tissue breakdown, low blood glucose, severe lack of energy, reduced ability to concentrate and suppression of your body’s metabolic rate.

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Ultrasound treatment for additional benefit

In addition to the nutritional therapy, medical ultrasound treatment is given using a modern and medically certified ultrasound device manufactured specifically for the purpose of reduction of the subcutaneous fat tissue. This releases fat from fat stores under the skin in areas of the body where you have excessive amounts of this ‘subcutaneous’ fat. The areas requiring treatment will vary from person to person and will be decided with the doctor at your initial consultation when the doctor will examine your body shape.

Fat stores under the skin are relatively resistant to any dietary treatment as they generally have a poor blood supply and are often fibrotic (fibrous) and calcified (hardened). The ultrasound treatment releases fat from the fat cells in these resistant areas into the surrounding tissue fluid and this is transported away via the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system drains gradually into the bloodstream so that the released fat becomes available for metabolism and is therefore burnt up for energy and not re-stored. The ultrasound treatments are therefore necessary to contour and improve your body shape as your weight is lost and to reduce otherwise stubborn and resistant areas of fat.

The ultrasound treatment has a further important benefit in that it assists with the improvement in elasticity and firmness of your skin. This, along with the skin and connective tissue treatment helps to minimise the need for any skin resection surgery, as far as possible.

Once you have had several ultrasound treatments on a body area, feel the area treated and compare to an untreated area. You will feel that the fatty layers in the treated area are thinner and less dense due to the reduction of a considerable amount of extra fat. The ultrasound treatments should normally be carried out weekly (or twice weekly) as prescribed by the doctor.

What about the potentially loose skin after the Alevere Therapy?

When losing a considerable amount of weight, a significant problem of loose, slack and unsightly skin will normally arise. This will prevent improvement in your body shape and, if severe, may require extensive surgery to attempt to correct the problem. To minimise this problem and the risk of needing corrective surgery, and to maximise your cosmetic result, we use weekly sessions of skin and connective tissue treatment (LPG Treatment), which stimulate skin and connective tissue contraction, as your weight is lost.

This treatment is given, usually weekly, immediately after the ultrasound treatment and has the additional benefit of stimulating the lymphatic drainage, so helping to move the fat released by the ultrasound treatment into the circulation for metabolism. Hardened, fibrotic and calcified areas within the fatty tissue under the skin are also broken down and softened by this treatment. The effect of these treatments is cumulative, each session stimulating more new collagen and elastic fibre production by the collagen producing cells within the skin. Sometimes patients may wish to continue the skin and connective tissue treatments after the weight is lost and the benefit continues to be cumulative.

This treatment must be the main priority in your life for the duration of your treatment programme and you must consider, carefully, before you decide to begin, that your daily life and social life may need to be modified and must be fitted around your treatment. It is impossible to successfully undertake the Alevere therapy without making this commitment and giving your nutritional plan and treatment schedule full priority over other things in your life.

Nutrition after the Alevere Therapy

At the end of the stabilisation phases, your resting metabolic rate is again precisely measured. It will have changed since you began your treatment due to the major changes in your body size and composition that will have taken place. A personalised nutritional plan is then formulated based on this accurate measurement of your newly sized and proportioned body’s energy requirements.

This will form the blueprint for your future eating and drinking habits and must be followed properly. If this plan is accurately followed, your weight should then remain stable. However, it is important to realise, from the outset, that you originally gained weight by eating and drinking in excess of your body's own energy (fuel) requirements.

Following the treatment, you must respect these limitations for the rest of your life if you wish to maintain your results and keep your weight within healthy margins. If you revert to eating and drinking in excess of your own body’s energy requirements, you will gain weight again. Unfortunately, this is a simple law of science that we all have to live with and cannot change.

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We will offer you a regular follow-up appointment each month for as long as you need it after completion of your treatment to offer support and to monitor your progress. If there is any weight gain, we will deal with it early before it becomes a major problem. If you have kept your weight stable at your target weight for at least a full year, you should then be able to maintain this for the rest of your life. However we will always be happy to see you for along as you need our support and again, in the future, should the need arise.

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So if you feel Alevere Therapy is for you please ring in and book a consultation with our team on 01225 700072 and start the first step to your new healthy life.

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