Alevere Weight Reduction Therapy near Bath


At the Snowberry Lane Clinic, we are recommended for our expertise in Alevere Weight Loss Therapy near Bath. Our core team of experienced cosmetic specialists offer treatments and procedures which are carried out in the utmost professional manner.

We pride ourselves on providing a first-class service for our patients by using state of the art technology and equipment to ensure they are receiving the best results possible. Our highly trained team of professionals are there to guide you every step of the way throughout your procedure. They make certain you have a complete understanding of your chosen treatment and the effects you may experience during and after.

Undergoing weight loss therapy at the Snowberry Lane Clinic means you will be personally navigated by our qualified doctors and professionals throughout your weight loss journey. You will receive support during this lifestyle change that will help you adopt a diet plan exclusive to you and your body’s needs. In addition to this, you will receive ultrasound and LPG treatments to eliminate the appearance of loose skin caused by weight loss. Our Alevere Weight Loss Therapy near Bath is a reliable choice of treatment for those eager to improve their appearance and feel great.

Visiting the Snowberry Lane Clinic from Bath

It is very easy to get to our clinic in Melksham from Bath. Whether you decide to drive or take the train, we are not difficult to reach.

By Rail

Getting to the Snowberry Lane Clinic by train is very straightforward and does not take long. Head towards Melksham Station from Bath Spa Station. Once you have reached Melksham it is only a short walk to the clinic.

By Car

Travel time by car to the Snowberry Lane Clinic is only thirty minutes. Begin by heading down Claverton Street via Calton Road for about a mile. Then take Widcome Hill to Calverton Down Road towards Melksham.

Own a sat nav? Great, you can just type in our address below to get step-by-step directions as you drive.

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To book an appointment at Snowberry Lane Clinic you can get in touch with us via our contact page.

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