Body Contouring Treatments near Bath


The beauty of our popular Body Contouring treatment, BodyTite™ is that the procedure effectively combats problem areas leaving long lasting defined results. Targeting areas of the body where fat is known to collect such as the thighs, back, knees and buttocks, this minimally invasive procedure is one of our most popular treatments at Snowberry Lane clinic.

Under local anaesthetic, your experienced practitioner will make a small incision to target problem areas. This means reduced swelling and a faster recovery process. As the procedure targets soft tissue, the gentle deep heating of the procedure leads to the tightening of the skin. Unlike other practices of liposuction, BodyTite™ offers these benefits.

This effective Body Contouring treatment available near Bath at our Melksham clinic, offers immediate visible results, which after wearing a compression garment for a short period of time, gradually improve each week for 6-12 weeks. Your results will unveil a defined silhouette, tighter and less saggy skin.

This popular treatment is suitable for all, particularly those whose body shape has dramatically changed. Maximum results have been seen on new mothers and older patients whose skin has lost its elasticity.

Find out more with a no-obligation appointment to discuss your requirements with a qualified doctor where you can ask questions and learn more about what BodyTite™ can do for you.

Making Your Way to Our Clinic via Bath

There are many options available to patients travelling to Snowberry Lane via Bath. Travelling to our clinic based in Melksham, is straightforward and easy from the city of Bath – use the well-connected motorways and road routes, or, relax on the train to arrive at our clinic.

Travelling by Rail

Take advantage of the direct train service which runs from Bath Spa station towards Melksham station, which lasts for around 30-minutes. After alighting the train, a short five-minute walk will take you to the Snowberry Lane clinic.

Travelling by car to Melksham

The journey by car from Bath to Snowberry Lane clinic is straightforward and easy to follow. Typical journeys take around one hour to our Melksham-based clinic. Plan your route by taking the A4044 and Newfoundland St/A4032 towards the M32 motorway. Then, take the M32 and M4 towards the A350 and then take Exit 17 on the M4. This will lead you onto the A350 towards our cosmetic clinic.

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