Make your body issues a thing of the past with BodyTite™ our popular and effective Body Contouring treatment. Using the latest technological innovations, patients can benefit with a more defined and controlled body shape. Combat loose skin and surplus fat to reveal tighter and less saggy skin.

Our experienced practitioners will consult with you at every step of the way offering impartial advice and discussing your body complaints – making us one of the best clinics for Body Contouring treatment near Bristol.

BodyTite™ is carried out under local anaesthetic using Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo Tightening technology which gently melts and removes excess fat pockets. One of the benefits of this procedure is that only a small incision is made, meaning that top layered fat is melted leaving access to other areas. As a result of this, patients experience less discomfort and swelling than more traditional surgical techniques.

This Body Contouring treatment is suited for both men and women wishing to target problem areas that gather excess fat deposits such as the upper arms, knees, back and thighs. The results can be seen immediately, with more visible results apparent 6-12 weeks showing off a more toned and defined body contour.

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How to Make Your Way to Our Clinic from Bristol

With Snowberry Lane being based in Melksham, travelling to our clinic is straightforward and easy from Bristol by utilising the variety of transport options available to you. Take vehicular transport via the motorway routes from Bristol, or sit back and enjoy the journey by train or bus service.

Travelling by Rail

One of the most efficient ways to travel to Snowberry Lane clinic is by train. Start your journey at Bristol Temple Meads station and take the line towards the destination of Chippenham. The service is frequent, although it is recommended to check timetables to plan your journey.  Once you arrive in Chippenham, change trains for Melksham where you should get off. You’ll find Snowberry Lane Clinic just a 400-metre walk from here.

Travelling by car to Melksham

The journey by car from Bristol to Snowberry Lane clinic takes less than one hour. Before you set off, plan and be prepared for the motorway route. Set off by driving down the A4044 and Newfoundland St/A4032 towards the M32 motorway. Take the M32 and M4 towards the A350 and then take Exit 17 on the M4. This will lead you onto the A350 towards our cosmetic clinic.

Prefer to input our address into a sat nav or map app? You can find all the details you need below.

Sat Nav Details

Snowberry Lane Clinic
Ridgeway House
49 Shurnhold,
SN12 8DF

You may have questions or require more information about Bodycontouring skin treatment. Do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team who will be glad to help.

In searching for a Bodycontouring skin treatment near Bristol, Snowberry Lane are proud to offer amazing customer service and advice to offer you the best possible outcome. Our experienced therapists and consultants are always available to discuss our wide range of procedures and treatments.

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