CelluTite Skin Smoothing Treatments UK


CelluTite Skin Smoothing Treatments UK

Cellulite is extremely common and shouldn’t be seen as an anomaly. Most of us have it, but when it hinders appearance, and perhaps confidence, it may be something you’d want to address or want to get advice on how treatable it is.

At Snowberry Lane we have been helping patients deal with the tricky issue of cellulite for years now, leading the way in providing solutions that improve appearance and get rid of dreaded lines and marks.

It all starts with understanding why cellulite occurs.

What exactly is cellulite?

We believe it helps if patients have a complete understanding of what cellulite is and how it comes about.

In its simplest definition, cellulite occurs from completely normal fat cells under your skin grouping in small pockets. These pockets push ever so slightly outwards on to your skin, creating the familiar lines we see and some dimpling in what are deemed problem areas; commonly around the buttocks, thighs and chest.

How common is cellulite?

Pretty much everyone at some point gets cellulite; it’s extremely rare to find someone who has never had it.

It is more common for women to have cellulite, especially as a result of pregnancy, but men can have it too (usually as a result of growth spurts during puberty).

What causes cellulite?

There are a multitude of reasons for cellulite occurring. Some of the most common symptoms can include:

  • The effect of diet on the body
  • Your natural body fat percentage
  • Exercise routine
  • Family genes
  • Pregnancy & menopause
  • Metabolism

To help combat these effects, we provide effective treatments, especially when it comes to CelluTite.

CelluTite treatment at Snowberry Lane

CelluTite is a minimally non-invasive cellulite treatment we provide at the clinic to help in cases of cellulite dimples and uneven skin.

It is a Radio Frequency Assisted Lipo Tightening (RFAL) based treatment which uses radio waves to heat up and breakdown fatty pockets that cluster in problem areas. As you can see in the video further on this page, being able to target very precise areas of fat allows us to be minimally invasive and not damage skin in the surrounding area.

Providing CelluTite Treatments

We are one of the UK’s top clinics for providing CelluTite. We highly recommend you read up on the fat removal treatment options we have here at Snowberry Lane to get an idea of your options if you want to know more about combatting cellulite.

Some of the other fat removal treatments we provide include:

  • Body Contouring
  • Liposuction
  • BodyTite

The type of treatment you’ll need will depend on a number of factors. That’s why we recommend coming in for a discreet consultation.


Expert Advice at Snowberry Lane

We aim to make the process of understanding what can be done to help tackle cellulite as clear as possible.

We would recommend that after you’ve read about the various cellulite treatments available on our site, get in touch with the team here at the clinic and arrange a consultation with one of our specialists.

We can provide advice on what is best for your skin, whether CelluTite is the best option for your circumstance and what the treatment will be like.

It’s a good opportunity to become fully aware of what your options are and get an idea of what improvements you would expect to see from successful treatment.



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