Face Lift Before & After Photo Gallery

face lift image - woman's face

We have a wide range of facelift procedures available here at the clinic. Of course giving descriptions is a great way of getting to know what differences each of our facelift treatments can achieve, but it’s even better to be able to show you images of those improvements.

It’s just incredible to see just how significant the changes are from a facelift procedure here at Snowberry Lane. The images below were taken before and after the client received a Facetite procedure.

Take a look at this before image:

after radiofrequency face lift

Now here is what the client looks like after treatment:

before radiofrequency face lifts

Notice the vast improvement to laugh lines and how much more smoother the chin area has become. FaceTite helped to improve the collagen below the skin and rebuild the bonds that sunken skin had seen vanish. This client also had redness around the cheeks, which was calmed significantly thanks to laser tightening.

To find more about FaceTite, download a brochure by clicking here.

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