How Much Does a Face Lift Cost?

face lift image - woman's face

At Snowberry Lane we treat each patient on an individual basis. It’s common for cosmetic clinics to offer their face treatments at a set price. We don’t like the idea of not being able to treat our clients fairly. We always view anyone who comes to us as a patient and not just a customer. That’s why we have a range of face lift treatments that cater for individual needs and requirements. We can assure we’ll have the right procedure in place for you.

Some of our specialised face lift treatments include:




If you’re interested in getting one of our face lift treatments, or a combination of treatments, please contact us and book an appointment. When we see hands on what kind or work we can carry out for you, we’ll be able to offer you a specific price that best suits your needs. To book an appointment with us and find out more about our treatment and prices, you can request a callback from us here.

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