Face Lift Treatments For Men

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Facelifts aren’t a procedure that is solely resigned to females. It’s becoming more of an occurrence here at the clinic to meet with men who are looking to improve their facial features and get rid of problems that have dogged them for years. We are able to provide a number of non-surgical face lift options for males that want to say goodbye to sunken cheeks and frown lines.

If you’re a male who has had scarring from acne for years, we have a procedure that drastically reduces the appearance of scars. Forma is an advanced technique where we can improve skin by promoting growth on tired cells.

It only lasts 90 minutes and doesn’t require you to take it easy with a long recovery period. Right after treatment you’ll be able to go home and notice visible improvements. Forma works gradually under your skin though, so any big change will come gradually over a few weeks. Most patients get around 8 Forma Treatments which are spaced out over a few weeks, in order to assess how fast their skin is recovering.

Frown lines can appear to be very deep on men. We use Forma to combat it. It’s the best way of honing in on deep problem areas and delivering lasting results. A wand gently heats the affected area and uses mild radio frequency energy to tighten up collagen. This helps the space under those lines to come together to raise your skin to a uniform level.

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