Mid Face Lift


Do you have sunken skin around the cheeks or wrinkles above the mouth that you don’t like? Are laugh lines making you feel unhappy? There are solutions to any mid face problem here at Snowberry Lane. We excel in treatments that focus on the middle of the face and can improve your skin’s appearance and feeling without the need for surgery.

Microdermabrasion treatments are very popular with clients looking for results from a completely non-invasive treatment. This short, half hour treatment involves placing medical grade crystals over tired skin with a pad. Think of it as extreme exfoliation where dead skin cells are obliterated and new skin cells are promoted to the surface. You’re left with completely rejuvenated cheeks that have a fantastic glow.

For clients with deep set laugh lines, Forma face treatments work wonders at getting in between the tiny spaces between the wrinkle lines to promote growth. With a patented heating pad, Forma gently raises the temperature of skin to just above normal body temperature. This forces the more resilient tissue to get back to work and give sunken collagen room to manoeuvre again by re-establishing bonds between layers of skin that have diminished over the years. It’s lauded for its quick recovery and almost zero downtime.

Don’t forget that Forma treatments also work to help anyone suffering from acne scarring, redness around the cheeks and any other irregularities.

If you want to find out more about mid face lift treatments, please download a brochure from the link to the right.

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