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It is the most prominent part of the body and one that we all fawn over in the mirror. Sagging skin around the neck and tired-looking skin on the face are two of the most common areas that patients come to us for advice on. Drooping areas and lack of firmness can add years that you never asked for to your appearance.

If your skin needs some attention, and you would consider the face and neck as problems areas, Snowberry Lane is here to help with a dynamic range of treatments.

Facelift & Neck Lift Treatments

Our facelift and neck lift treatments are cutting edge and cause no harm to your skin. We offer pioneering non-invasive treatments for quick results and minimally invasive ways of getting skin looking years younger. Our consultants treat every person on a case by case basis as skin can sag and “sit differently” on the individual.

With a consultation and thorough checks, you’ll be able to get a clear idea of what treatment options would work best in your case, as well as what realistic improvements can be achieved. We believe it helps a lot if patients have an in-depth understanding of what treatments are out there and what to know before making any decisions.

Facelifts & Neck lifts after weight loss

A significant lifestyle change and losing a lot of weight is a great long-term goal and being able to pull it off is no mean feat. For older patients who have gone through this change, the main barrier that comes afterwards is the appearance looser areas of skin have caused. In most cases, weight loss has seen a reduction in collagen production and many saggy areas need to be incentivised to strengthen bonds once more.

The neck is a particular problem area for many as the skin there can lose a great deal of its tightness after weight loss. We can provide neck lift solutions that help improve skin condition, regain firmness and remove a droopy look.

If you have lost weight and are looking for solutions to help sagging skin on the body, take a look at our skin tightening treatment options that include BodyTite and body contouring.

Treatments that are non-invasive

Here at Snowberry Lane, we pride ourselves on carrying out a variety of non-surgical facelifts that ensure patients show absolutely no visible signs of treatment. The most popular treatments include:

  • Fractora
    This treatment helps when we’re looking to address issues concerning skin tone and texture.
  • Photo Rejuvenation
    Patients with brown spots and pigment problems get great results from this light-based therapy.
  • Forma
    A collagen booster which reduces laughter lines and acne scarring. Some patients also carry out Forma Plus when dealing with skin issues below the neck. 

Treatments that require minimal downtime

With most of the treatment options being non-invasive, we want to bring recovery times down to an absolute minimum. As the face and neck are seen as very prominent areas, treatments like Facetite & Necktite keep recovery to just a few days, while many of the non-invasive options we provide are a same-day recovery option, so you get on with your routine unencumbered.

It’s also important to know that treated areas will have heightened sensitivity for a period as skin adjusts and improves.

Facelifts & Neck lifts for Men

Many of the treatments provided at Snowberry Lane can bring beneficial changes for male patients as well. We have helped with everything from jowls around the jawline to sunken cheeks.

As part of the full range of male cosmetic treatments we provide, male patients can tackle long-term problems they want to proactively change or seek advice on problem areas that may secretly be causing embarrassment for some time now.

Lifts on & around the chin

If your problem area is directly on the chin, and you may be worried about options for that area, read about some of our chin lift treatment options.

Speak to a consultant today

Whether you’re simply looking for answers to your problems or want to know what treatment options would work best for your skin type, please get in touch with us at Snowberry Lane today.

You can phone us directly on 01225 700072 and set up the ideal time to come for a consultation. If you prefer, you can leave a message via our contact form here, and we’ll get back to you at an appropriate period.

Face & Neck Lift Treatments

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* Disclaimer: All treatments are designed by medical experts and tailored to the individual to give the best possible results, however, results of all treatments may vary from person to person depending on the individual's unique attributes.