Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatments


Have you been considering getting a face lift but worry about having to face surgery that could lead to any number of complications? At Snowberry Lane this is a problem our patients never have to encounter as we offer a number of non surgical face lifts that improve your skin’s appearance and texture without ever having to face invasive surgery.

Whether you’re looking for a mini facelift or a lower facelift that focuses on specific areas, we have the right kind of non surgical facelift options for you. A popular treatment we provide is Fractora. It is an incredibly sophisticated use of radiofrequency energy that ever so slightly penetrates the skin. You won’t notice this as the Fractora pad pressed on to skin has tiny pins that the naked eye can’t easily see.

These pins use the energy to provoke your sunken tissue in to getting back to work. Imagine that your skin feels as tired as it looks. Fractora makes sure to give it a good wake up call and help strengthen bonds that will smooth out noticeable wrinkles.

Getting a facelift without surgery is also possible thanks to Forma. We recommended clients who don’t want to face any downtime for recovery get this treatment. It works quite similarly to Fractora, but instead of needling, it simply uses a pad that raises the temperature of your skin’s subsurface. The application of heat on certain points stimulates your natural collagen and draws it closer together. This results in the top surface improvements that are instantaneous.

You don’t even have to worry about skin taking its time to recover. Just an hour after a Forma treatment your skin will calm down and look just like normal, albeit with a few improvements.

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