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radiofrequency face lifts

Face lift technology has come on in leaps and bounds from its early days. In the past any procedure would involve a costly operation with the chance of complications and a long recovery time. This has now become redundant as Radio Frequency System (RFS) treatments have come to the fore.

At Snowberry Lane we excel in using the latest technology to provide non invasive face lifts that don’t leave signs of anything having been done.

Forma is a revolutionary method we use to get instant results. Using a pad, skin is gently heated just above your regular body temperature. As the temperature rises, your skin’s natural elasticity begins to work harder at repairing tired bonds. Clients looking for a lower face lift around the cheeks and mouth use Forma to rejuvenate frown lines and acne scars in what seems like an instant.

If you want to target specific areas then Fractora will be the ideal treatment. Using a needling pad, Fractora singles out individual imperfections and concentrates signals. It essentially creates pore like openings that the body instinctively will repair. Because it happens on such a small level, the bonds in mid dermal skin strengthen, letting wrinkles level out. It only takes a few treatments and a little bit of extra moisturising to get lasting results.

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