Facetite Anti Wrinkle Procedure UK


Rejuvenate skin with a FaceTite and NeckTite treatment at Snowberry Lane Clinic. Anyone who wants to look their best and regain lost youth may benefit from this unique procedure. If your confidence is affected by loose, sagging skin and deep lines or wrinkles, or you just want to look younger you may find that a FaceTite or NeckTite could be the solution you've been looking for.

Best for treating

Jowls, double chins and loose skin around the face and neck

Treatment time

90 minutes

Sensitivity period

3-7 days

Duration of results


Number of treatments



Local injection to the area

Back to work

A few days to a week depending treatment area

Expert advice before any treatment

The first part of your treatment involves having a consultation with one of our expert staff who will go through what happens in detail after examining your skin. You'll learn how the procedure is carried out, what it can do for you and what you're recovery will involve. During this consultation, you will get to ask anything you need to know about FaceTite or NeckTite too.

What to expect from a FaceTite and NeckTite Procedure at Snowberry Lane Clinic

During a FaceTite and NeckTite procedure, neat incisions are carefully positioned. Despite some bruising and swelling in the early stages of your recovery, the skin will soon heal to reveal tighter, younger looking skin.

FaceTite and NeckTite appointments available now

If you are thinking about a FaceTite or NeckTite why delay the procedure? Get in touch today to get started and look forward to a younger, more attractive appearance afterwards. You can request a callback from the clinic by clicking the button on the right of the page.

FaceTite & NeckTite

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