Forma Plus Treatment near Bristol & Bath


A revolutionary way of getting tighter skin without having to face any downtime.

Forma is a procedure for the face where the tissue is heated ever so slightly to promote the growth of collagen. As the heat rises, the skin's elasticity will begin to work properly and instantly regain firmness. Just an hour after treatment you'll be able to see long lasting results.

Any Forma treatment around the face will see laugh lines reduced and any acne scars lifted to become considerably smoother. It's a surface treatment that won't result in any problems afterwards.

Forma Thermal Image

When you need to tackle those other problem areas where the skin is a bit more resilient you’ll need the help of Forma Plus. Using the same technology this treatment works to improve the appearance of the arms (its great on elbows), that looseness around the stomach, the skin on the upper thigh that never seems to get better and problem area of the saggy knee.

Forma Tissue
You’ll need to get between 5-8 treatments that don’t even last more than an hour. The reason for this low number is because Forma works gradually. You’ll see great results after just one treatment, so you might only need a few more appointments to get your skin looking great again.

And don’t forget that there’s zero downtime involved with Forma. The whole process is non-invasive so you don’t have to worry about any discomfort. Forma pads have the technology to realise what temperature your skin can easily withstand without having to feel any pain. Before you know it you’ll have a face and body free from any irregularities, lines and redness.

If you want to find out more and see what a Forma treatment involves, take a look at the video gallery here. And if you're interested in other treatment types to help improve the texture and firmness of skin, take a look at photo dynamic rejuvenation.

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