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Unwanted body hair can be annoying but also carry self-conscious issues for people too.  A lot of hair removal treatments only limit hair growth for a certain period and then it grows back. This can lead to dissatisfaction and distrust with the issue and treatments available. People will either continue with a repeated method or give up all together.

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Here at Snowberry Lane Clinic we use cosmetic laser treatment to treat the hair follicles and prevent regrowth. A series of treatments to catch hair follicles in their growth stage brings about a gradual reduction in hair growth; producing a long lasting smooth and natural appearance.

Well tolerated and safe

Cosmetic laser hair reduction is usually only mildly uncomfortable. We use the latest technology available with fully trained staff that have a wealth of knowledge regarding the treatments.  There is minimal risk of side effects and you can resume normal activities immediately after each treatment.

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Hair Reduction Treatments