Dr. Gabriel, the head doctor of Snowberry Lane Clinic was one of the first medical professionals in the UK to pioneer Body Jet and Jet assisted fat transfer (JAFT). This procedure involves an innovative water-assisted liposuction technique (WAL) that gently rinses viable fat from the body for re-introduction to the face and hands in order to provide long lasting natural youthful volume.

With this procedure, fat can be transferred into other parts of the body to give a natural look and feel.

Uses of Body Jet

Body Jet can also be used restoring facial volume and rejuvenating hands. Dr. Gabriel uses the Body Jet to harvest soft viable fat cells from patients’ own abdomen, thighs or buttocks, and injects it in to areas where the aging process has caused general loss of volume. This could be in the "hollowed-out" areas around the eyes and cheeks, back of the hands, nasolabial folds and in the brow area.  The soft viable fat harvested with Body Jet creates a natural, youthful look.  

Additionally, since one's own fat is used, the end results are long-lasting. Fat harvested with Body Jet has even been used to create fuller, rounder buttocks and can fill out acne scars. For males who want to see visible improvements in this area, we reccomend body contouring for men. 

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