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There are a number of factors that can have an adverse effect on our skin. Whether it’s the impact the food we eat can cause, the level of blood circulation we have or even the type of environment we live in, there is never just one simple reason for skin to lose its appearance and firmness.

Best for treating

Skin in need of rejuvenation

Treatment time

30 - 60 minutes

Sensitivity period

24 hours

Duration of results

Maintenance may be required every 3-6 months

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At Snowberry Lane we offer a very special treatment to help skin in problem areas to regain confidence, vitality and a level of improvement you’ll rarely see from traditional cosmetic procedures. It is called Mesotherapy and it does wonders for elasticity and tone.

The treatment comes in the form of mini-injections which work to precisely target cells determined to be problem areas for the skin. These are cells in areas where skin is generally loose, slightly dull and lacking volume and. The treatment comes in the form of injections with a solution which comprises of natural amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Upon micro-injection, the solution instantly gets to work to create a nicely balanced level for co-enzymes. These are the building blocks Mesotherapy uses to create unparalleled rejuvenation for the problem area. The injections are very small, with the only effect for a patient being a slight redness on the skin for 2 to 3 hours post treatment.

Now the effects of Mesotherapy are very fast acting and for many patients this is often met with a surprisingly nice firm feeling, but we should warn that this treatment is primarily for aiding the appearance of skin and not the firmness. That is why we recommend against using Mesotherapy if you’re considering having some form of facelift. At Snowberry Lane we offer specialised Facelift & Necklift treatments for patients, as well as skin tightening treatments for other parts of the body.

Patients looking for long lasting results from Mesotherapy would be required to have a few short sessions here at the clinic over a prescribed period of time. You can watch the treatment being carried out by Ann Gabriel, our clinical lead nurse, and hear her advice on the recommend number of appointments for patients in the video at the bottom of this page. Generally, patients will receive their Mesotherapy treatment twice a month for 2 to 3 months, depending on how well they see improvements from their initial sessions.

There are certain areas Mesotherapy can bring out great improvements depending on where you’re seeing problems:

Rejuvenation of Skin Texture & Elimination of Fine Lines:

A big problem for skin is the lack of collagen under the surface. One way we can improve the level of collagen is through a dedicated stimulation of our fibroblast. Mesotherapy can act as a massage of sorts for fibroblast, causing it to naturally create collagen and give that much needed new lease of life for texture.

Stretch Marks:

The solution in the mini injections contains some amino acids, which are very important if we want to remove the visible appearance of stretch marks. Mesotherapy removes the associated risk many traditional treatments tackling stretch marks have as it fully stimulates tissue rather than attacking and causing potential problems. The results for patients are unmatched and in large part this is due to the fast acting nature of the silica we use in the solution. It is commonly used to help people with scar tissue problems in aiding the overall visibility of lines and deeper marks on the body.

Meso Hair:

One of the unheard graces of Mesotherapy is its ability to work all over the body. Nowhere is this more prevalent than on the scalp when trying to tackle the problem of hair loss. Alopecia can happen for a number of reasons but research has seen that poor blood flow and too much DHT in the system can be a large contributing factor. Meso hair can be used to encourage hair follicles having trouble growing to regain a good degree of strength through better circulation around the scalp and, in turn, further incentive to grow again.

See the results for yourself!


Before Mesotherapy treatment

Result after first session

after Mesotherapy treatment

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