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Spider veins and thread veins are terms used for the small, unsightly, superficial veins usually found in clusters on the legs.

Best for treating

Unwanted veins on legs

Treatment time

30 minutes

Sensitivity period

A few hours

Duration of results

Maintenance required as veins can reoccur

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Microsclerotherapy is a safe and effective treatment to improve the appearance of these veins. It involves the introduction of a solution into the lumen of unsightly blood vessels, causing these to thrombose and consequently stop the flow of blood through them.

Most women are concerned with the cosmetic appearance of these veins, but there are frequently associated symptoms such as itching, burning, aching and throbbing. The symptoms are often worse at certain times of the menstrual cycle. In addition, the presence of thread veins may indicate an abnormality of the venous system, which may require further investigation.

Microsclerotherapy treatment for legs

Does it hurt?

This is not a painful procedure. The injections are made superficially with a tiny needle. Some people feel nothing, some little stings. This will vary from person to person.

In simple terms, how does it work?

A solution is injected into the veins. This causes the lining of the vein to swell and become sticky. Compression is applied to help close the veins. Over a period of time the vein will heal closed and fade away. In rare cases the treatment may not work.

What will my legs look like immediately after treatment?

The injections will cause some redness and welts, possibly with irritation. Your legs may look bruised. The veins may also look worse before they look better. Sometimes a darker colour appears under the skin, but by day 10 to 14 you will see an improvement. Within 4 to 6 weeks the veins will look very much as they did before the treatment and the full benefit will be seen after approximately 12 weeks.

Everyone is different. These guides do not define success or failure.

What are the risks?

Allergic reaction - any drug carries a risk of allergic reaction, and it is quite common for there to be some immediate itching and redness at the site of the treatment. This will pass within a few hours. Serious allergic reactions are extremely rare.

If the solution irritates tissue surrounding the vein blistering can occur although this is rare. As it heals a scab will form and may leave a small scar.

Why must I wear support tights?

At Snowberry we make every effort to minimise any risks of complications. Wearing compression hosiery supports the healing vessels and plays an important part in lowering the risk of the extremely rare occurrence of D.V.T.

How many treatments will I need?

You should budget for up to 4 treatments over a period of 4-12 months, although this will depend on your response to the treatment, with some people achieving 60% to 80% improvement in appearance after just one session.

Remember it is not always possible to achieve 100% clearance. We aim for 60-80% improvement in appearance and most of our patients tell us that they're satisfied with the results they can see between one and four treatments.

Will the veins come back?

Sclerotherapy is a treatment for the symptoms rather than a cure for the cause. Other veins may develop, and most people come back for a top up session of treatment every 2/3 years. You should be aware that you may need treatment on your varicose vein to help eliminate the problem causing thread veins but we can help sort these with a laser treatment.

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