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One of the areas most susceptible to change is around your chin and neck. It’s an area left open to the elements more than anywhere else on your body. Loose skin around the neck can be a real knock to confidence.

Here at Snowberry Lane we have the opportunity for you to once again have a younger looking neck with revolutionary treatments like NeckTite available for you. If you haven’t heard of NeckTite before then let us you fill you in on what it can do for you. Unlike a neck surgery that carries a risk of visible signs being easily seen, with this procedure we make the smallest of incisions after finding the area of your neck that we know will show no visible signs of work. From there we figure out where the prone areas of your neck are and where change can be easily made.

NeckTite harnesses the power of radio frequency technology to attack loose deposits of fat in the neck and heat up the tissue. This promotes the collagen under the skin to tighten up and results in firmer skin. You’ll soon lose that hanging neck reminiscent of a turkey. It works wonders around the jaw line and is great at boosting skin on the chin that would normally be hard to make improvement in. By incrementally heating small areas, NeckTite ensures the muscles will tighten and get to work straight away. When that collagen starts seeking out better bonds, you’ll see any irregularities in the chin start to smooth out.

After a neck lift, recovery time will be minimal. Because the procedure leaves you with no noticeable discomfort, your skin will recover fully within a few days. If you want to find out more about how we can improve your chin and neck, simply download a brochure from the link to the right.

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