Mini Neck Lift Treatments

woman - mini neck lift

Do you have a certain area of the neck that causes you problems or affects your confidence? Getting work carried out around your neck area doesn’t have to involve getting a full neck lift. You might be looking to focus on just one distinct spot. Snowberry Lane is able to offer you a mini neck lift that gets those key problem points sorted.

Necktite is a non –excisional treatment that works wonders on saggy necks, loose looking throats and deep wrinkles either side of the jaw. If you want your neck to regain a lot of firmness and regain a very youthful appearance, this is the treatment you have been searching for.

The treatment works by making tiny incisions at certain points of the neck, usually around or under the ear, that won’t be noticeable. From there, a tiny hand-piece is pointed at key treatment areas under the skin while a surface electrode glides over the top. It heats up fatty deposits that have caused skin to sink. Skin then begins to cling together and create natural bonds that tighten and strengthen together as the temperature increases.

When you’re looking to make small changes around the neck, you would be interested in getting a Fractora treatment. It works beautifully at addressing very specific skin problems in the neck and is perfect if you’re looking for a mini neck lift. The Fractora pad can be focussed in to smooth out any area no matter what the size. It is also a great tool for reducing the appearance of deep-set wrinkles and firming up skin that needs help.

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