Non-Invasive Neck Lift Treatment


Snowberry Lane is one of the top clinics for popular cosmetic treatments and procedures in the UK. Our non-invasive neck lift treatment is an example of our modern use of cosmetic techniques in our procedures.

The neck is an area where we first notice the signs of ageing. It is quite common that as we begin ageing, our skin will lose its natural elasticity and begin to sag.

The causes of neck and jawline sagging are:

  • Ageing
  • Large amount of weight loss
  • Prolonged UV light exposure

Even though it is the main cause of a sagging neck, ageing is not the only reason it occurs. The jawline can prematurely lose its natural elasticity from a large amount of weight loss or being damaged from extensive UV light exposure, prolonged sun exposure with no protection and sun bed usage.

This is a problem that affects both men and women who want to maintain their youthful appearance.

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Neck Lift Treatment Options

Fractora Treatment

Our fractora needling procedure is an advanced form of radio frequency treatment used for different anti-ageing improvements. It involves the skin being heated by a small handle being placed against the skin. Radiofrequency energy is then transferred through bipolar pins and subsequently heats the skin.

This results in the skin within the treated area becoming tighter and firmer.

NeckTite Treatment

Our NeckTite treatment is a more specialised treatment to combat the signs of ageing specifically for the neck. It is a revolutionary surgical procedure that won’t show visible signs of any work being carried out. Unlike other neck surgery procedures where the chances of visible evidence of surgery are much higher, our necktite procedure does so by carefully selecting an area to make small incisions where we know won’t show any visible signs of work.

The necktite procedure then uses radio frequencies to target the loose deposits of fat in the neck and then heat up the tissue.

The procedure heats small areas at a time, promoting the collagen under the skin to tighten, giving a much more youthful appearance. 

We highly recommend this treatment to someone who is looking to rejuvenate their appearance and give themselves firmer and younger looking skin around their neck and jawline.

At Snowberry Lane, we use the best and most up to date neck lift treatments in order to ensure the best results for our patients.

non invasive neck lift

If you’ve been looking for an effective way to combat the signs of ageing and get rid of your sagging neck, then our neck lift treatments are for you. Call us and book an appointment on 01225 700072 and we can help make you look years younger.

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