Non-Surgical Neck Lift Treatments

non surgical neck lift treatment

You never have to fear going under the knife if you want to get a Neck Lift here at Snowberry Lane. We have a number of ways to improve the appearance of droopy necks and sunken skin without a scalpel going anywhere near your face.

Fractora is as advanced as it gets with non surgical neck lifts. Using a pad covered in tiny pins that are hundredths of a millimetre (less than the tip of a pin), Fractora makes an impression on the skin that causes tissue to prick up and quickly repair what it thinks is damaged skin. Collagen quickly begins to form on a level plane and firm the upper layers. What you’re left with is skin that instantly feels firmer.

Forma is one of our most popular neck treatments. It uses radio frequency energy to pinpoint troubled areas and help rejuvenate the skin. This helps create a much more toned look by making lax tissue tighten up and re-strengthen bonds that have become depleted. Patients love it because it is completely non-invasive and needs almost no recovery time. As soon as a treatment is over, you just need to let skin calm down and then you’ll be able to carry on with your day.

Looking to reduce redness around your neck? Photo Rejuvenation is the treatment best suited to reduce discolouration. It involves aiming an intense pulse light at problem areas. The light restores damaged skin and makes sure it will look more in line with the rest of your neck.

If you would to know more about non surgical neck lifts, then take a look at the Fractora treatment page here.

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