Photo Dynamic Therapy near Bristol & Bath


Best for treating

Pre-cancerous sun damaged skin

Treatment time

3 hours

Sensitivity period

A few days

Duration of results

Maintenance may be required as sun damage can reoccur

Number of treatments




Back to work

Next day depending on treatment area

What is it?

PDT is an innovative light-based treatment that includes light based medication designed to treat certain types of non-melanoma skin cancers and pre-cancerous cells. This includes Actinic Keratoses which looks like scaly lesions on sun exposed skin. It is also used to treat warts, acne, macular degeneration and some other forms of cancer as previously mentioned. It is also a powerful way to treat sun damaged skin, reducing blemishes, tightening and firming the skin. PDT is a method that’s an alternative to surgery.

How does it work?

A photo sensitising cream is applied to the area to be treated, and then allowed to incubate for 3 hours. A light sauce is applied to the area after this time which activates the drug. This effectively targets damaged skin cells, including those not visible to the naked eye and deals with the areas that might be missed by a surgical treatment then destroying them.

Is it painful?

Some patients report a slight feeling of skin irritation during and following the treatment. The treatments are carried out by one of our RGN nurses who are dedicated to provide the best possible care before and after your treatment.

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