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One of the most common conditions we get on our bodies, skin tags are something that a lot of people get. These harmless tags can become a nuisance if they’re in an annoying area, they impinge upon your daily life or perhaps affect your confidence.

Here at Snowberry Lane, we are experts in helping patients from the across the UK find suitable solutions to tacking skin tags, whether it is a prominent facial skin tag or a tag on the extremities you would like to have removed.

It all starts with understanding what skin tags are, how we get them and how we can treat the condition safely and effectively.


What exactly is a skin tag?

A skin tag is a growth on your skin that is usually small and soft. It will have the same tone as your skin.

Skin tags will commonly grow in such a way that they hang from the skin in a slightly loose manner and can resemble a wart.

They can be anywhere from a few millimetres to up to 5cm big.

How common are skin tags?

Skin tags are extremely common, and most people will get them throughout their lives. It’s important to remember that they can be completely harmless and shouldn’t affect your health.

What causes skin tags?

You’ll know about collagen from its use in cosmetic treatments, but you may not know that it occurs naturally in the body. When the fibres that bind collagen proteins become loose, it allows the blood vessels surrounding the skin to interject to a degree and create a small growth.

This is why it is common to have skin tags in areas where we’re more likely to get wrinkles as we get older.

Can a condition cause a skin tag?

There is no definite condition that creates skin tags, but there are manners in which someone can become more susceptible. For example, tags are much more common on older people due to weaker collagen in the body.

Well-known medical conditions that can have some effect include obesity and type 2 diabetes.

What areas of the body get skin tags?

You’ll find skin tags in places where skin can fold on itself or have a small degree of friction. This can include:

  • The folds on the neck
  • Under the breasts
  • On the face
  • Near the webbing of the hands and feet
  • In the crease of the armpits
  • Around the groin

Although these are the main areas, skin tags can occur anywhere on the body.


Why carry out a skin tag removal treatment?

Even though these tags are harmless and won’t cause any physical discomfort, the presence of one in a problem area can create issues.

We commonly treat patients who have skin tags that are visible on the face and neck; areas which can affect confidence.

For some patients, a skin tag in a troublesome area like the hands or leg can result the tags in getting caught on something or causing bleeding.

In both instances, removal would be apt.

Providing Skin Tag Treatments

Snowberry Lane is one of the top clinics in the UK for skin tag removal.

Some of the treatment types we provide include:

The best treatment will depend on many factors. For anyone considering treatment, we advise visiting the clinic for a personal consultation with one of our experts.


Expert Skin Tag Advice at Snowberry Lane

We will make it clear what the current state of a tag is and how it should be removed with minimal interruption to daily life.

Ahead of any visit, we do suggest having a read through the treatment options mentioned on this page while you’re in the process of arranging a consultation with one of our specialists.

When you visit, and we get a full examination of any tags you have, we’ll be able to provide advice on what is best for your skin and what you would expect from the process.

It’s a great chance to have any questions answered and give yourself peace of mind.


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