Skin Tag Removal Treatment near Trowbridge


The Snowberry Lane cosmetic clinic in Melksham offers an effective skin tag removal treatment near Trowbridge that many men and women choose to have carried out every year. Clients choose Snowberry Lane’s experienced team because of their long track record of successful outcomes and very high-standards of customer service.

Our skin tag removal treatment near Trowbridge is an ideal choice for dealing with unwanted skin tags for an array of different reasons. One major advantage of choosing to undergo our procedure is because the time it takes to recover is minimal – the vast majority of clients are able to return to work the very same day. Having a skin tag removal treatment carried out at the Snowberry Lane clinic also tends to result in less scarring or pigmentation left over after the skin tag is removed, an important aspect for many clients.

The treatment itself is performed by a qualified expert in cosmetic procedures who has years of relevant experience in the field. Their skills combined with the latest in laser and radio technology for skin conditions results in a skin tag removal treatment near Trowbridge that is renowned for its positive results. The procedure itself tends to be quick and features minimal discomfort, which is great news to hear for a number of clients looking to have a skin tag removed.

Reaching the Snowberry Lane Clinic from Trowbridge

If you live in Trowbridge and are planning on visiting our cosmetic clinic, you can reach us without difficulty by opting to take the train by journeying by car. In either case, your travel time should be around 10 minutes at most.

Reaching us by Train

To reach us by train, simply board a train at Trowbridge Station going towards Melksham Station. After alighting from the train in Melksham, the Snowberry Lane Clinic is only a quick five-minute walk away.

Reaching us by Car

Getting to our cosmetic clinic by car is just as simple as taking the train; start by travelling down Castle Street and Court Street towards the A361 county way. You will reach Melksham, where the Snowberry Lane clinic operates, within minutes by driving down the A361.

Get in touch

To book an appointment at Snowberry Lane Clinic you can get in touch with us via our contact page.

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