SmartLipo Treatment near Bath


When it comes to SmartLipo treatments near Bath, the Snowberry Lane clinic is the leading UK cosmetic clinic offering this widely sought after treatment. Successful SmartLipo treatments require access to the latest liposuction technology and highly qualified medical practitioners, two elements you can find at our professional cosmetic clinic.

Many people looking to get rid of stubborn fat deposits, which are difficult to shift through diet and exercise alone, opt to undergo SmartLipo treatment because of the advantages it has over more traditional methods of fat removal. Men and women all over the country are choosing effective SmartLipo treatment over the alternative and it’s not difficult to understand why.

SmartLipo presents a number of advantages over regular liposuction treatment, these include; no need for general anaesthesia, less chance of bruising, and less time in recovery. This means that our SmartLipo treatment near Bath will have a minimal effect on your day-to-day life – no need to take time off work or cancel your leisure plans.

The SmartLipo treatment itself works by using heated laser technology to break down fat cells so that the liver is able to dispose of them. This is great for making a positive change to common problem areas such as the arms, thighs, stomach, and chin. Many patients are surprised at how quick the procedure can be and how short the recovery period actually is, making SmartLipo an extremely convenient weight loss procedure.

Reaching our Clinic from Bath

The Snowberry Lane cosmetic clinic is very accessible to clients who happen to live in Bath and want to travel for our SmartLipo treatment near Bath. Below you can find straightforward details on how to reach us.

By Rail

Catch a short 30-minute train from Bath Spa station to Melksham train station. After getting off in Melksham, the Snowberry Lane clinic can be found by taking just a 5-minute stroll.

By Car

Driving is another easy way to reach the Snowberry Lane clinic. Taking only 30-minutes, you can begin by journeying down Claverton Street via Calton Road for a mile or so. You can then drive from Widcombe Hill to Calverton Down Road and then into Melksham where the Snowberry Lane clinic can be found.

Get in touch

To book an appointment at Snowberry Lane Clinic you can get in touch with us via our contact page.

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