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Tattoos have never been more popular than they are today. That does not stop some people from regretting them though.

Best for treating

Removing unwanted black ink tattoos

Treatment time

30 - 60 minutes

Sensitivity period

24 hours

Duration of results

Permanent after a full course

Number of treatments




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At Snowberry Lane we are able to provide a solution to any tattoo problems with our tattoo removal treatments. Using laser treatments we can remove part or the entire tattoo in question.

The results can vary depending on what the size, age and design of the tattoo. What kind of ink used always plays a part in how much we can remove.

The process of laser tattoo removal involves the use of light energy delivered from a concentrated source. We use a Medlite laser to do this. By passing the laser over the tattoo, the ink breaks down in to tiny particles. Your body’s own natural filtering system then flushes the particles through the blood stream and out of the body, causing no harm.

Expert Consultation

By having an initial consultation regarding the tattoo removal treatment you will be able to speak directly to a specialist who can advise you further on how effective the treatment will be depending on the size and style of the tattoo in question.

Many people who go through the painful experience of getting a tattoo think that getting a tattoo removed will be just as painful but using this process the patient can expect minimal discomfort.

You will also be issued with full aftercare instructions to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and that you get optimal results from the procedure.

See the results for yourself!

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