Tattoo Removal Treatment near Bath


Snowberry Lane is a well-established cosmetic clinic offering professional tattoo removal treatment near Bath. Our popular clinic has built a large repeat-client base from providing effective and reliable cosmetic treatments.

The Snowberry Lane clinic has built a solid positive reputation for client care as we ensure that every single person who walks through our doors receives the treatment they want at the highest possible standard. Our highly experienced medical staff are trained in using all of the very latest equipment and technology for cosmetic treatments, so you can expect nothing short of the best care around.

Tattoo removal treatment near Bath is one of our most sought after procedures due to the pleasing results many have received in the past. The procedure itself involves the use of a Medlite laser which breaks up particles in the tattooed skin, allowing the body to cleanse itself of the colouring. In most cases, this leaves the skin clear apart from some small marks which often are not obviously visible.

One of the main reasons people choose Snowberry Lane for tattoo removal treatments is because our services are set up in such a way that minimises the time you have to take out of your busy day-to-day life. Our tattoo removal procedure usually only causes mild discomfort and isn’t painful in the majority of cases. The recovery time of this treatment also isn’t usually very long, especially with our experts providing all the information and support you’ll need for the aftercare process.

Visiting the Snowberry Lane Clinic from Bath

It’s really simple to get from the city of Bath to the Snowberry Lane clinic in Melksham. Whether you prefer to catch a ride on the train or take a convenient drive, we’re easy to find on the map.

By Rail

You can reach the Snowberry Lane clinic rather quickly if you’re travelling from Bath. Simply take a seat on the train to Melksham Station from Bath Spa Station. From Melksham Station, it’s only a short 400-metre walk to our local cosmetic clinic.

By Car

Visiting the Snowberry Lane clinic from Bath is only a short drive away. Depending on the weather and traffic, you can drive down to us in as little as 30 minutes. Simply travel down to Claverton Street via Calton Road for around a mile or so, and then go from Widcombe Hill onto Calverton Down Road towards Melksham.

Get in touch

To book an appointment at Snowberry Lane Clinic you can get in touch with us via our contact page.

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