Facial Tattoo Removal Treatment


Tattoos are growing ever more popular and no longer carry the taboo that they used to. With that being said they can still have a negative impact in certain walks of life, such as seeking employment.

Facial tattoo removal is one option available for people whose tastes and judgement may have altered with time.

With the face and neck being the most visible parts of the human body it is important to find a technique that can help get the best results with minimal scarring left behind.

Expert Consultation

The procedure we use for tattoo removal involves a hand held laser being passed over the tattooed area delivering light energy which breaks down inks into tiny particles. These particles are then removed by the body’s own natural filtering systems. Results will vary depending on the style and size of the tattoo and the type of ink used.

Most patients will suffer no discomfort however anaesthetic creams can be used if required.

An initial consultation will take place where our specialists can take you step by step through the process and let you know what kind of results you can expect from the treatment. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

You can read more about how effective this removal process is on our tattoo removal treatment page.

See the results for yourself!

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