Tixel Skin Treatment near London


Snowberry Lane is the premier recommended cosmetic treatment clinic for effective Tixel treatments near London. Travel to our modern Melksham clinic easily from the city of London using a transport method that suits you, be it by train, bus, or car.” many transport methods including train, bus and car.

The latest addition to our treatment range, Tixel is attracting hundreds of patients from the UK capital to undergo this innovative treatment to relieve the effects of ageing on skin tone and texture to reveal a more radiant appearance. Both men and women are booking appointments with our experienced consultants to try Tixel skin treatment for themselves.

Tixel offers amazing benefits in treating common facial skin conditions such as scars, discoloured red and brown spots and fine or deep wrinkles. In combating problematic areas, Tixel can help to tighten and rejuvenate sagging skin on the eyelids, face, neck, décolleté and also on the hands.

Our practitioners are trained to use this thermal energy device which creates micron sized pores to generate an effect on the skin which is similar to fractional C02 lasers. Patients are assured that the procedure offers little discomfort and your recovery period is short.

Overall, patients are delighted with the results from Tixel which uncovers lines and wrinkles filled out, firmer and tighter skin and an overall youthful appearance. Superficial sun spots are reduced and thread veins are improved.

To achieve and maintain the best results from Tixel treatment, patients are strongly advised to cease smoking as this encourage poor results.

Following the procedure, results may be seen immediately, however, micro scabs may appear in the surface of the skin after treatment. These will heal and patients can enjoy seeing improvement in their skin up to 3-6 months after visiting Snowberry Lane. For best results, we recommend our patients booking 3-5 treatments followed by top up sessions every 12 months.

Travelling to the Clinic from London

Patients living in London can easily travel to the Snowberry Lane clinic. Whether you plan on driving to our established cosmetic clinic or are travelling by train, we can provide you with some simple and straightforward directions on how to reach us.

Reaching us by Train

It’s easy to reach Snowberry Lane for Tixel skin treatment. From London’s Paddington Station, plan your route and take the trainline that travels directly to Melksham Station – this only takes one and a half to two hours. On leaving the train station, our clinic is a short 5-minute walk on foot.

Travelling to us by Car

Travelling by car for your Tixel skin treatment near London is quick and easy. Taking only two hours from the city, take the M4 motorway where you can then take Exit 17. This route will lead you onto the A350 which leads to the town of Melksham. The Snowberry Lane Clinic is based here at Ridgeway House.

Get in touch

To book an appointment at Snowberry Lane Clinic you can get in touch with us via our contact page.

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