Laser Treatments for Veins


Improve your appearance and boost your confidence with facial thread vein treatments from Snowberry Lane Clinic.

Best for treating

Torn earlobes

Treatment time

30 - 60 minutes

Sensitivity period

Some discomfort

Duration of results


Number of treatments



Local anaesthetic injection

Back to work

Straight away

Unsightly veins are hard to cover up, especially in the face area – but now facial thread vein treatments can eliminate them for good thanks to advanced laser technology. We use advanced treatments to tackle visible veins on the face and pigmentation issues.

Why Use Facial Thread Vein Treatments

Facial veins often have a detrimental effect on the confidence of our patients, who struggle to find long wear makeup suitable for covering highly visible red and purple veins. Facial thread vein treatments can offer a solution.

Any visible vessels can be treated with facial thread vein treatments, even the small clusters of veins that often appear on the face of rosacea sufferers.

No longer will you have to erase the veins with make up each morning, or feel paranoid when you think it is wearing off.

How Do Facial Thread Vein Treatments Work?

Facial thread vein treatments are administered with a hand held laser which beams through the skin to collapse the veins.

After facial thread vein treatments it is not uncommon for the veins to remain red before fading and dissolving in the body. There will be no need to take time off work or rest directly after any facial thread vein treatments.

Cosmetic laser surgery is an advanced non-invasive procedure which is safe for every type of skin and can be used not only to administer facial thread vein treatments, but a number of other skin condition.

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