Wart Removal Treatments near Bristol & Bath


The way we can treat warts and verrucae has come a long way in recent years. Due to position, size and colour, they can become a problem that can’t easily be treated with an over the counter product.

At Snowberry Lane, we provide discrete solutions to warts, no matter where you have them. With our modern approach to removal, you have a choice of treatments that have virtually minimal downtime.

Getting rid of warts starts with understanding how we get them and how to treat them.

Best for treating

Unwanted warts

Treatment time

30 minutes

Sensitivity period

A few hours

Duration of results

Permanent but warts and verrucas are viral and can reoccur

Number of treatments



Depends on treatment

Back to work

Straight away depending on treatment area

What exactly is a wart?

A wart is a growth that starts from infection on the skin. You can get a wart anywhere on your body, and they will mostly be completely harmless.

Problems arise when someone has a wart in a place that causes embarrassment or annoyance. This can be anywhere on the face, neck, hands or feet.

How common are warts?

Warts are more common for adults than in children, in large part due to exposure to HPV at an older age.

Most people will get a wart at some point in their life, and it is the most common dermatological issue people face apart from acne.

What causes warts?

Warts are caused by non-harmful infections in the skin. In the majority of cases, a wart will grow after a virus (similar to HPV) gets the chance to get in on a very small cut on the body. This is why you’ll mostly find warts on hands and feet.

Common causes of warts can include:

  • Contact with virus
  • Family genes
  • Affected body parts not being clean
  • Fissures
  • Dry skin (causing cracks)
  • Being in contact with surfaces that aren’t completely clean
    (e.g. tiles in swimming pools, equipment in gyms)


It is important to remember that warts do not cause harm, although it is common to find them to get itchy sometimes.

If your wart is painful to the touch, it’s very likely that you have a verruca instead.


Wart removal treatment at Snowberry Lane

Wart and verruca’s that are for large and persistent ones can be removal promptly and simply with Radio Surgery.

Radiosurgery uses radio frequency waves that prevent charring when cutting through a wart, leaving skin looking completely normal with no clear signs that a wart was ever there.

We also use the V-Beam which has great results on removal of both warts and verruca’s.

The Wart Removal treatment process

Wart removal procedures begin with a relaxed consultation with clients to talk about the new radiosurgery solutions, what to expect and to respond to any queries. Appointments for wart removal are available, and aftercare assistance at Snowberry Lane Clinic is thorough and caring.

A number of the recurring questions we receive about cosmetic wart removal (downtime, type of anaesthetic etc.) are detailed in the table at the top of this page.

Expert Advice at Snowberry Lane

To get the best advice possible about wart removal, especially if you have warts in what would be considered a difficult location, we would advise getting in touch to book a consultation.

Analysis from an expert here at the clinic will help you understand what treatment options would be preferable and what results you should expect.

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* Disclaimer: All treatments are designed by medical experts and tailored to the individual to give the best possible results, however, results of all treatments may vary from person to person depending on the individual's unique attributes.