Wart Removal Treatments near Bristol & Bath


Warts can be unattractive, but at Snowberry Lane Clinic an easy wart removal procedure can get rid of them.

Best for treating

Unwanted warts

Treatment time

30 minutes

Sensitivity period

A few hours

Duration of results

Permanent but warts and verrucas are viral and can reoccur

Number of treatments



Depends on treatment

Back to work

Straight away depending on treatment area

Professional Wart Removal Procedures

Wart removal can be done promptly and simply with a advanced procedure performed by Dr Rupert Gabriel (Member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors) at the Snowberry Lane Clinic, by Radio Surgery or Cryo Pen.


Speedy Recovery

The beauty of our this procedure is that it makes use of modern cosmetic radio surgery technology to achieve great results from a moderately speedy procedure and there will be no need for stitches. Patients can take advantage of a quick return to normal activities following any wart removal treatment. Radio surgery leaves minimum scarring and results are superior to other earlier, more invasive methods of wart removal. The wart removal treatment is carried out after a local anaesthetic. This treatment is also used when carrying out mole removal for men.

Going ahead with wart removal

Wart removal procedures begin with a relaxed consultation with clients to talk about the new radio surgery solutions, what to expect and to respond to any queries. Appointments for wart removal are available and after care assistance at Snowberry Lane Clinic is thorough and caring. Dr Gabriel has over 20 years experience in this progressive, safe and reliable technique. A number of the recurring questions he receives about cosmetic radio surgery are detailed at the bottom of our mole removal information to give a clear insight into what happens before, during and after wart removal.

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