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In the UK alone, thousands of people search for weight loss solutions every week, and although each individual is looking for something slightly different, such as a specific diet that's in trend, diet pills, or exercise/weight loss tips, there tends to be a common theme of the wanting the weight loss to be 'fast'. However, each persons' body is different from size and shape to metabolic rate and different things work differently for each individual. When it comes to losing weight or getting rid of stubborn areas of fat, there isn't a one size fits all solution. Each individual needs to find out what method works best for their body to ensure that weight loss is a positive and effective experience.

Everyone is different

For over a decade we have worked with clients of all body types to design solutions for their specific requirements. It is our aim to match the best treatment type with each individual's goals. Whether you're looking to live a much healthier lifestyle and need some help getting there, or simply want to shrink a stubborn area of fat, we can help.

What we can do for you

Your weight loss journey shouldn't be a hindrance on day-to-day life; it should be an improvement; something you can enjoy and take ownership of. This is why we break down how we look at weight loss in to several key areas including: treatments, therapy, surgery and quick ways to lose weight.

Your weight options

Weight Loss Treatments

Weight loss treatments describe pioneering techniques, which simulate natural fat breakdown to encourage fat to disperse in a manner that the body will respond well to. Patients who choose these types of treatments are those who wish to reduce visible fat from problem areas in a more natural way than conventional liposuction and improve the appearance of the skin at the same time. This includes treatments such as Med Contour and Bodyjet.

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Weight Reduction Therapy

Weight reduction therapy is a combination treatment we provide for people looking for non-surgical or diet based solutions. Commonly referred to as Alevere, this type of therapy creates positive lifestyle change through a treatment plan, which aims to boost the body's natural metabolism and enhance glucose levels. Combining a food plan and body contouring treatments Alevere allows for substantial weight loss over a short period of time. If you're someone who is looking for a real change without the need for surgery, we would suggest you ready more about Alevere therapy by clicking below.

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Weight Loss Surgery

Our weight loss surgery options are minimally invasive or non-invasive in nature and can deliver fast acting results without some of the risks associated with traditional surgeries.

Bodytite uses Frequency Assisted Liposuction Tightening technology to gently melt excess body fat which is then removed via a very small incision. The principle benefits of Bodytite when compared to conventional liposuction is the quicker recovery time.

Body Jet (sometimes referred to as Aqua lipo) is a water based liposuction surgery, which removes fat in a much less abrasive fashion than traditional liposuction. It gently rinses away pockets of natural fat from problem areas without causing too much swelling, which helps with faster recovery times.

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Quick Weight Loss Options

If you're very focussed towards losing weight fast, we can create tailor made treatment plans to help you lose weight in a very effective manner over a short period of time. Results aren't instantaneous, but we can help individuals who really want to get lose weight do so in a shorter period than most traditional diet and weight loss plans can offer.

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