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With a phenominal number of weight loss solutions available to people it can be difficult to know which one is best for your individual needs. We believe, that here at Snowberry Lane Clinic, we have some of the best weight loss surgery options available in the UK and have helped hundreds of patients achieve incredible results to improve their health and lifestyle. And it all starts with one simple conversation.

The process for anyone visiting the clinic for the first time, involves a thorough consultation which helps us get to know you, and understand why you’re considering surgery as a treatment option. It is a big decision to undertake so it is incredibly important that you have all of the information you need and that you're sure it's the right treatment for you.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

Examples of the weight-loss surgeries available at Snowberry Lane Clinic include >BodyTite< and >BodyJet<.

BodyTite is a minimally invasive procedure that uses Frequency Assisted Liposuction Tightening technology. It gently melts excess body fat which is removed from the body via a small incision. The benefits of the BodyTite procedure are a quicker recovery time, less swelling and less discomfort. It has proven to be a very popular treatment amongst our clients.

BodyJet uses water assisted liposuction, a technique pioneered by Snowberry Lane Clinic’s very own Dr. Gabriel. Viable fat is gently rinsed from the body and if required, can then be reintroduced to certain areas to promote longer lasting, natural and youthful volume. The procedure itself is minimally invasive and offers excellent results with a rapid recovery time.

The highly trained team at Snowberry Lane Clinic are on hand to offer expert advice and guidance to ensure our patients get the best care before and after any procedure. All procedures are preceded with a consultation that will allow our patients to ask any questions they may have and get a full understanding of what is involved.

Weight Loss Surgery Alternatives

We do also provide tailored alternatives to surgery; the most popular being >Alevere< weight loss therapy. This is a planner weight loss treatment that uses a combination of contouring treatments and a diet plan to help patients lose a lot of weight safely over a relatively shorter period of time.

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To find out more about the procedures available at Snowberry Lane Clinic please visit our treatments tab or go to our weight loss section to find out about the other options that are available to you.

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* Disclaimer: All treatments are designed by medical experts and tailored to the individual to give the best possible results, however, results of all treatments may vary from person to person depending on the individual's unique attributes.